Dressage Dreams’ 1st Annual Summer Youth Camp

I just got back from the first annual Dressage Dreams camp today, and I already can’t wait to go back next year!! Since we were the ones who created it, my barn friends and I were the first ones to test it out…

On Tuesday (day one), we arrived at Bear Spot Farm and Foundation 9:00 a.m. We unloaded our horses and unpacked the trailer. Immediately after, we proceeded to the outdoor arena, where Jane Karol was demonstrating upper level dressage movements on a beautiful Lusitano stallion. Sue Williams narrated what Jane was preforming, and how it was correct/incorrect. 
After that, we all went to tack up our horses and each get a 45 minute private lesson: 3 from Sue, 3 from Jane. After a celebratory dinner at the stables, we headed to our on-ground camper to wait for the next day…

On Wednesday (our last day) we woke at 6 in the morning to feed, water, and care for our horses. We continued this until the first lesson (me!) at 8:30. We broke up the lesson times for two demonstrations: horse massage therapy and horse handling. Both were extremely educational and very entertaining! 

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