Out with the Old, In with the New

We headed in with no expectations. We crossed our fingers for a fun weekend, trying something new. Hopefully our favorite show grounds will continue to bring us good fortune…..

GMHA Fall, of course!

The Green Mountain Horse Association showgrounds never cease to amaze me, just in the drive down I feel we’re too near the end. The amazing mountains, winding rivers, and waving trees always welcome, but October brought an all new experience, with golden yellows, oranges, and reds everywhere! The sound of hoofs through leaves is simply magical, and it was a privilege just to be there.

On with the riding. We signed up for our first level tests (which we had been aiming for since the end of July), 1st 1 and 1st 3.

Even though I had a test error in BOTH tests (????), we managed a 72.931%!!!! I was so incredibly proud of the princess for our highest score yet!

On Sunday, we had quite the ride (a video available on the ‘Video” page), where I lost not one, but BOTH stirrups during the canter work. This continued for about 5 or 6 movements until I went off course; I didn’t want to mess up my ride attempting to regain my stirrups! Even though I had the error and preformed stirrup-less, we managed a 67.258%, winning the class (which they did not split between AA, Open and Jr/YR’s!)

One final moment of boasting… We also received High Point of both days, and High Point of the show!!! I suppose First Level is our level!

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