Finding My Seat

This has been, hands-down, the most difficult, drawn-out, confusing, and physically-demanding lesson I have had to learn yet in my riding career. Finding my seat. I have been visiting Natural Fitness  to help with flexibility, strength, and balance training (and have noticed a big difference!!). I had between 2 and 3 months of lunge lessons on Atara this winter, and I am now starting to get what this “seat finding” means…. Because this is such a complicated thing to understand (for me, at least), I decided it would be much easier for both me and you to read it in other people’s words, so here are some sources that I found particularly helpful….

– Horse Listening: How to Arch Your Back, Scoop Your Seat Bones, Unleash the Power

– Your Riding Success TV (via YouTube)

– Stabilize Your Pelvis (via Dressage Today)

– Dressage with Catherine Haddad: Focusing on Where and How to Sit

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