Mystic Valley Hunt Club’s Dressage Show- Spring 2015

Well, first show of the season, and we started off pretty well. The test wasn’t too bad- however my lowest score ever at 64-something %, we came out with a blue anyway. Unfortunately, Saturday, 10 minutes before my test…

The Head Bob.

Hang on, hold the phone, halt the horse, check and make sure it’s not a tack-malfunction. Yup, she’s limping. Big sigh, head back to the barn with head and tail hung low. 😦

After several minutes of untacking, icing, wrapping, and hand-grazing later, I packed up my show gear and waved the white flag. I decided a bit later than it would be best to scratch Sunday ahead of time, as to not stress it more. Tanya suggested jogging her in hand, then seeing if we should go for it, but I thought that might not show anything (as it somewhat rarely seems to) and scratched at the office.

Mind you, we had already switch my horse and the level at which I am schooling, because the redhead (Atara) and I weren’t quite ready.

Oh well, back to icing legs and stuffing treats in her mouth until we get back home. 😞


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