EDAP via D4K

Don’t let the multiple acronyms scare you off….

The EDAP (Emerging Dressage Athlete Program) was founded by Lendon Gray and D4K (Dressage 4 Kids). The program was designed “for dedicated, determined young dressage riders of all levels. The goal of the program is to find, to help to educate, and to develop talented youth to become the international riders and trainers of the future.”Β (dressage4kids.org).

I have been selected as one of the lucky few into this program, and will be riding in the upcoming clinic at Pineland Farms’ Equestrian Center (http://www.pinelandfarms.org/equestrian-center/). I briefly audited the same clinic next year, which makes me even more excited to experience it from a whole new angle.

On June 11th and 12th, I will trailer Atara in for my lesson, braided (ack!) and ready to go. We will also attend lectures (the people, not the horses) and attend lunch at noon, concluding at around 3 in the afternoon. I cannot wait for this wonderful learning experience! Thank you, D4K!!! IMG_2365

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