Okay, I know I said that I would write about what I’ve been up to in the last few months, but first, some exciting news about what’s to happen in the not-so-distant future!


Woo-hoo! Yea!

No, I’m not showing 😦 but I will be doing the next best thing… grooming for two of my favorite ponies in the barn (okay, they’re all my favorite, but that’s besides the point)… Schando the Brilliant and Ms. La Habanara (aka Karma). Schando had the achievement of winning his I-2 Adult Ammy class at the Region 8 Championships while Karma received a wild card for Third Level.

I am super excited to be traveling all the way down to Kentucky, on a plane (I LOVE FLYING), to the famous Kentucky Horse Park, home of the beautiful pictures at the bottom of the page.

I have been doing my homework, both from school and reading, and I feel prepared for this task. After all, it’s just another horse show, right?


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